Are Asset Acceptance Collectors Harassing You?

It Happened to Me, Too!

Find Out How I Was Able to Remove Asset Collections and Fix My Bad Credit!

You CAN fight Asset Acceptance and other collection agencies who are harassing you. Read below and find out what secret weapon I used to get collectors off my back!

Collection agencies are notorious for being relentless and cold hearted. They didn’t care about my specific situation. Below is documented proof I received stating that my Asset Acceptance collection item had been removed. You can do this too and I’ll share with you how.


You’re not alone in your frustrations with collection agencies. Everyday hundreds of folks just like you receive threatening phone calls and letters. I got called everyday and they threatened to garnish my wages and even said they could take away my home! Asset Acceptance was literally ruining my life. BUT – you should know that as a consumer, you have rights that protect yourself from harassing bill collectors.

I just couldn’t believe the treatment I was receiving from Asset Acceptance so I did some digging around and here is the scoop on Asset Acceptance Capital Corp.

Asset Acceptance started in 1962 so they’ve been around a long time.

Asset Acceptance purchases and collects charged-off consumer debt from credit card companies, finance companies, retail merchants and utility companies.

(Basically, they buy debts in various amounts and then get their reps and call center agents to contact you and try to collect these debts.)

(Asset Acceptance claimed that they bought one of my credit card debts, but the original creditor was simultaneously trying to collect the same debt from me!!!)

Asset Acceptance is a publicly traded company.

Asset Acceptance has locations in Michigan, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas.

Did you know that having even one of these collection items on your credit report can destroy your credit score? Sometimes even up to 100 points!

My credit score was down to 588 before I cleaned up my credit!!!! Here is an example of how your credit score can gradually climb back up to credit worthy status.

experian deletion

If you’re in a similar situation, you may already realized that it is extremely difficult to qualify for a home loan, car loan, or refinance an existing loan to get a lower rate.

However, there are steps you can take to dispute and erase Asset Acceptance collection items from your credit report yourself (write a dispute letter, send the letter in, and wait for a response if you’re lucky enough to get a response). This do-it-yourself process is slow and painful.

Credit bureaus are very good at using stall tactics. I tried and tried for months but got NOTHING back from them! And when I finally did get a response, it was a nasty letter from one of the credit bureaus who accused me of faking my own identity!

After much research and talking to my friends who had been in a similar situation, I discovered a program that works to dispute erase almost any questionable Asset Acceptance Account For You.

This program has real lawyers who work to help you fix your credit.

After signing up for a free consultation and speaking with Shelley (my personal paralegal), I discovered this company removed hundreds of Asset Acceptance collections off other people’s credit reports.

Can you believe I saw negative items disappearing from my credit reports after just one month!?!? Not only did this program help me delete my Asset Acceptance collection, they removed many more items that had nothing to do with my Asset Acceptance issue – like charge offs and a judgment. This was icing on the cake!

I did some research and saw real proof of this program is fixing other people’s credit. Here are some examples.

credit score chart

I saw one bad credit item after another get deleted and I watched my credit score climb back up. I enjoyed checking my credit score to see the progress each month! Here is a score chart from a real customer.

credit score increase after deletion